About Us

We are AMK Films a premier media company located in Los Angeles, CA. Our company is doing innovative and cutting edge media marketing on many different fronts. This includes aerial cinematography, commercial video production, television spots and social media content creation. Our production team is award-winning and our video quality and service is second to none. We take your video production to the next level using customized drone technology and flight-optimized cameras specializing in Film, TV, Commercials, Real Estate, Sports, Events, plus much more. We have over 15 years of experience in the film industry and over 8 years in piloting drones. Together we formed a company with a unique mix of people and tech: Directors, cinematographers, drone ops, photographers, and editors.


Your Goals Met

We take the time to get all the fine details down so we don’t miss a beat.

Your Story

We are visual storytellers finding new ways to connect brands and audiences.


The Solution

Produce stunning cinematic works to enhance your next film or marketing campaign.


Aaron M Kahn is the founder, creative director, and chief pilot / aerial cinematographer of AMK Films. His experience as an actor, producer and director combined with his passion of imagery and aviation has given him an authentic perspective in telling stories.

Over the last decade, he has collaborated with an eclectic selection of professionals, ranging from independent filmmakers to internationally renowned production companies and organizations. Aaron consistently brings this level of excitement to every shoot, he’s known as a collaborator who can be relied on to enhance a concept.

He often takes his projects from inception through editorial; collaborating on the concepts with agency creatives. Aaron shoots from the heart, and presents familiar things in unfamiliar ways, thus inviting us to see them with fresh eyes. His visual style is authentic, deeply human, and Raw. He frequently cuts spots himself and works hands-on with color and the visual effects.

Aaron is continually refining this evocative cinematic style and adapting it to various projects, whether it’s creating work for clients or shooting with the second-unit. Being an avid seeker of knowledge, he hopes to continue learning and growing along with the future of cinema and technology.


Aaron M. Kahn

Aaron M. Kahn

Founder | Creative Director | Aerial DP

Aaron is the founder, creative director, and chief pilot of AMK Films, whose keen eye and timing have garnered him millions of views for original and branded content.

Grant Gulesserian

Grant Gulesserian

Remote Pilot, Camera Operator & Stills Photographer

Grant is AMK Film’s lead aerial camera operator. He is an San Diego State University Alum and an active commercial advertising photographer with multiple publications.

Jay Looby

Jay Looby

IATSE Local 600 Camera Operator,POV & Time-lapse Cinematographer

With over a decade of on-set experience, Jay has worked with clients such as ABC, CBS, FOX, Discovery, History, Food Network, and countless others working on unscripted tv, commercials, feature films, and music videos.

Shazia Kahn

Shazia Kahn

Marketing Manager | Art Director

Shazia makes sure we dot our i’s & cross our t’s while remaining passionate about creativity. She brings perfect balance to art verses content and all that those concepts entail.

Donny McGuire

Donny McGuire

Producer, UPM, AD

Donny Mcguire has been producing content of all types for 20 years now. Donny has worked on everything from Reality TV to Branded Content, to Live Red Carpet Events. Donny is a very versatile Producer that knows how to get the best out of the crew he works with, on any project.

Vincent Schnieder

Vincent Schnieder

Technical Architect

Vincent is our technical architect monitoring and maintaining the computer systems as well as keeping us well entertained with his shenanigans.