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AMK Films is a film production company based in Los Angeles, CA. Our proximity to the Pacific ocean, forests, epic mountains, and vast deserts allow us to host productions from from all over the world to large movies to automotive commercials. We provide services for all types of production. Filmmaking is our passion, and we’re ready for the unexpected.



California is the home to some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse locations. If you are looking to capture picturesque winding roads, cliffs, beaches, volcanic lava beds, fertile river valleys, waterfalls, distinct mountain ranges, plateaus, deserts, basins, and valleys–it’s all here. We have had shoots all over and are happy to help. We assist in scouting, securing, and the permitting processes.


Los Angeles, CA is home to incredibly talented individuals. Producers, DP’s, Directors, and Technicians. We have a large community of professionals we work with who are comfortable working in some of the craziest locations in any weather condition. Our team is continually growing. Our core belief is that a positive can-do attitude brings out the best work. We are fortunate to do what we love.


We offer a full service scalable production unit producing extremely high quality content both in small crews and large commercial sets. Our team can comfortably carry you through everything from conception to final distribution. As business owners ourselves, we understand your need to account for everything.

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We take great pride in our work and our gear gets us there. It is clean, up to date, and tested regularly. Over the years, we’ve found what works and is rugged enough to suit our style. We are here to share what works best with our clients. In addition, our extensive relationships with rental houses and independent owners adds an abundance of options.

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Southern California is home to a diverse talent pool–from world-class actors, models to skilled athletes, and stunt people. We have good relationships with casting directors and talent agencies that are easily accessible and willing to help.

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Los Angeles is home to some of the most talented stunt people and professional action sports athletes globally. Need a precision driver or some acrobatic wirework. Working with stunts takes preparation, practice, and very skilled stunt people, and coordinators. Safety is number one.

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We offer in-house editing services and full post-production supervision. Our state of the art post-house handles: ingestion, housing, workflow, scoring, sound design, grading, mastering, to archiving our professional edit staff can take your story to the next level.