Customer Testimonials

We recently hired AMK to give our daytime network show some higher production value. The custom footage Aaron shot in San Diego for us was amazing, he knew how to get exactly what we needed, (and he had much better suggestions than what we started with!)

What we got was Helicopter-worthy footage that really enhanced the show, we’re using him for all 26 episodes!! Must hire.

Robin Samuels


I hadn’t worked with Aaron before, and I was directing a high pressure shoot, with a high pressure client, that had to get done in a day and look amazing.
Aaron exceeded all of my expectations!!
If you’ve watched his work, you already know he is a master at what he does, and if you haven’t, trust me, he is.
In addition to his talents, I would hire Aaron again and again, because he also brought a positivity, work ethic, and spirit to my production that I rarely see.
I am a director, and it’s important that my days move fast but professional, all while keeping a positive flow on set, and Aaron was without a doubt, the perfect fit.
I have always said there is no problem that can’t be solved in 30 seconds if you work with the right people.
Aaron was one of the few people I have worked with who shared that same work ethic and spirit.
I credit the teamwork and spirit on my set to Aaron’s presence and professionalism.

Andrew Bennet

Creative Director

I recently used Aaron’s services for an extremely difficult shoot. As a director it is not easy to explain the various coverages you need for multiple motorcycles being tracked. Not only was Aaron aware of my vision, he was able to cover footage in an impossible way. His expertise and knowledge not only in being a drone operator but a creative massively impacted our shoot. He has a calming personality and is extremely intelligent in the services that he provides. Our editor is blessed that Aaron went above and beyond to get multiple coverages that ultimately were needed in post and didn’t plan for. Please do not hesitate in using his services as he is our primary and only drone operator for all of our creative needs.

Sarah Downey